CUORE of Switzerland | Designs that work - and stay in your head

Designs that work - and stay in your head

It's not just the neon-colored highlights that make the CYCLING TEAM OST jersey a stylish eye-catcher among riders - it's the story behind the design that truly sets it apart.

This jersey isn't merely a creative artwork by CUORE designers based on team colors; it's a dream design that embodies the essence of CYCLING TEAM OST, uniting its origins and its love for cycling.

The intricate pattern of this design draws inspiration from a cycling heat map of Eastern Switzerland, home to snowy peaks, verdant landscapes, and picturesque vineyards nestled between the Alps and Lake Constance. The visionary behind this design is Alessia Sträuli, a multimedia producer and avid cyclist. From the outset, her goal was to create a design that not only represented the team but also told a compelling story.

In collaboration with CUORE designers, a unique jersey emerged—one that seamlessly blends emotion, passion, and heritage, designed to inspire peak performance while aligning with CUORE's product features.

"At CUORE, we collaborate closely with our teams—regardless of size—to develop the perfect custom kit. Our design expertise is founded on teamwork, years of experience, and, above all, attentive listening. Alessia and CYCLING TEAM OST had a vision—a vision that motivated and challenged us to create something truly exceptional together." – Saki Tzikas, Senior Sales Representative at CUORE

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