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CUORE of Switzerland custom program offers virtually infinite possibilities to customize your individual kit.

On top of this, we also offer you the ability to custom tailor the fit of products to your individual body shape and proportions. Whether it's sleeve length, torso length, leg length or more, we offer multiple options to adjust for your exact needs. Experience the true ability to make the product your own and optimize your comfort, performance, and experience.

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Each human body is different. Our height, weight and proportions make us unique as people. True custom apparel requires a wide range of sizes and fit options. Our product line has a complete set of standard sizes from XXS to 5XL, including children's sizing, covering a truly vast range of sizes.



CUORE of Switzerland is a global company with offices, teams, events and athletes from each corner of the world. With our worldwide experience we recognize the variances of what a size “medium” can mean in Europe, Asia, Australia or the USA.
Our sizing table offers an overview to find your correct size.

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How much customization can I do with Tailor Made?
For both men’s and women’s you have the same, multiple options. For example, both short sleeve and leg length you have the option to add up to 8cm in length and subtract up to 4cm in 2cm increments. For suits and jerseys our torso adjustment option allows you to add or subtract 2.5cm or 5cm. We have added these benefits to ensure all your apparel is an exquisite, custom, tailor made fit and performs to your highest expectations.



Fit can also differ within different styles and lines. While our Finisher and Bronze lines cater to a certain type of athlete, Silver and Gold collections are built for another type of product and performance requirement.

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CUORE of Switzerland knows that everyone has different taste when it comes to their apparel, specifically for performance clothing. Some like loose fit riding or run gear, others want a more sleek, tighter fitting, race type product. We've got you covered.

Tailor Made allows you to take the product one step further. Overall, it allows you and the apparel to work as one. No wrinkles, improved ventilation, aerodynamics and comfort. With the ability to adjust to your unique body shape, our products will make you feel perfect on the trail, road or in the coffee shop.

Our custom options and Tailor Made fit are designed to provide an experience which can be best described as bordering on a feeling of wearing nothing. Your experience in the moment, during your activity will be the only focus.

At CUORE of Switzerland we ride, run and swim every day in different conditions and events. We understand what you need. Whether you're a professional athlete or local enthusiast, CUORE has you covered!

Imagine your whole team wearing the same kit and it actually fits everyone!