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It’s Your Time

Once again, global tire industry power house Continental managed to improve something impeccable even more.

There’s no way one could miss the new Grand Prix 5000’s omnipresence right now. Rightfully, since it features even more grip through LazerGrip treatment, better puncture protection and impressively lowered rolling resistance in comparing to their popular Grand Prix 4000 S II.

The Grand Prix 5000 Line

The Grand Prix 5000 is German engineering at its finest to guarantee you the best performance possible – a claim and guarantee we comfort ourselves with as well. Just like the extensive R&D Continental is known and valued for, we went through important design iterations until we found the right mix for their latest apparel. The overall look is massively influenced by the Grand Prix 5000’s LazerGrip tread, which creates a slightly lighter color than the dominant black of the tire – an effect mirrored by the tone-in-tone effect of the kit. The result is a classic kit, which’s subtle design turns it automatically into an eyecatcher.

A Perfect Partnership

With Continental fully relying on Cuore's experience and innovative strength, it doesn’t matter if you are out on the racing bike, mountain bike or simply outdoors: Continental assures a perfect fit, top quality and a smart look with their clothing and accessories collection. Their extensive merchandise line for women, men and children is available at selected retailers worldwide and Continental’s official webstore

For 30 years, CUORE of Switzerland dresses teams, pros and businesses all over the world in high end performance apparel, supplied through and by unmatched service. Feel free to contact us at any time with your own ideas and interest here:

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Rider images courtesy of Continental Tires

Photographer: James Cheadl