Design costs

Our Design Team constructs designs according to your ideas and strives to tailor to your requirements.

Let yourself be inspired by their creative ideas and benefit from our vast experience in design.


We roll our design services fees up under the term “design costs”, but it includes a lot of different pieces. These of course include design, but it also covers the correct application of the design on the fabric. Therefore, if you already have a finished design, the design costs are not removed as the transfer of the design to the fabric templates is covered by this fee.




Price by Category:

Top and Bottom                   $180.00

Top and Bottom plus Extras $240.00

Accessories                           $50.00


In the case of a re-order where no changes are made to the design, no design costs are incurred.


Our design costs are calculated by adding up the above fees based on which apparel items are part of your order. Here’s a few examples:


Example 1:

You want a Jersey and bib designed.

As long as this is part of one order, there’s one design cost for the tops & bottoms which would be $180. If you want those pieces plus vests, gloves and etc that would cost $240.


Example 2:

You want to order 35 jerseys and 15 jackets.

The design costs for any tops are calculated only once, therefore a total of $180 is added to the product price.


Example 3:

You want to re-order 15 jerseys the following year.

The design has not changed, so there is no additional design costs. But then you want to order 5 jackets, which were not included in your first order. Because the same design will be placed into a different top template, there is still no additional fee.





We provide for revisions as part of the above costs, and normally go through 3-5 revisions with customers. However, based on the complexity of the design, if the number of revisions becomes excessive, we may assess an extra revisions fee of $50.

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