Artikel Nr: ITEM_405

For our youngsters, we offer the same function and comfort as for the pros. Flawless design combined with ingenious engineering and state-of-the-art materials result in a one-piece that has the aerodynamics of a speedsuit and the comfort and flexibility of the jersey-short combination, therefore also called 2in1. The top is made of a lightweight and breathable material that is highly elastic and uniquely adapts to your body shape. The innovative, tight cut in the shoulder-arm area, made of highly elastic and opaque material, significantly improves the aerodynamics of the jersey. The highly breathable and moisture-transporting fabric in the back increases comfort to meet the highest demands. The latest techniques and cutting-edge production allow a combination of top and trousers that only divides in the front area to provide the flexibility and comfort of a jersey/short combination. The breathable and moisture-transporting material of the shorts guarantees a pleasant compression fit that allows freedom of movement and wearing comfort. While our KJ1 chamois, which has an anatomical fit, guarantees maximum comfort in the key areas. The tailor-made chamois, constructed with several foam densities, also has breathable, moisture-absorbing and antistatic properties. The elastic waistband in the torso area ensures that the shorts never lose their fit and the silicone print on the leg end ensures that the leg always remains in position.
100% Polyester

Zipper: Full, hidden, autolock
Legs End: AS Ribbon Tape
Reflective Package: Without
Reflective Package: With (+ 3,00 EUR)
Chamois: Embody KJ1 - Kids
Stitching: Power Seam
Stitching: Power Seam Flat (+ 4,00 EUR)
Entertainment Package: Without
Entertainment Package: With - Left Side (+ 4,00 EUR)
Entertainment Package: With - Right Side (+ 4,00 EUR)
Pocket: Without
Pocket: With 2 back pockets (+ 4,00 EUR)
Different designs: No
Different designs: Yes - Variant 1
Different designs: Yes - Variant 2
Different designs: Yes - Variant 3
Different designs: Yes - Variant 4
Individual tailor options: No
Individual tailor options: Yes
Individual tailor details: TEXTFELD
Personalized: No
Personalized: Yes (+ 12,50 EUR)
Arm Length: 0cm
Arm Length: - 2.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Arm Length: + 2.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Arm Length: - 4.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Arm Length: + 4.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Arm Length: + 6.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Arm Length: + 8.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Body Length: 0cm
Body Length: - 2.5cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Body Length: + 2.5cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Body Length: - 5.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Body Length: + 5.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Leg length: 0cm
Leg length: - 2.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Leg length: + 2.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Leg length: - 4.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Leg length: + 4.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Leg length: + 6.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)
Leg length: + 8.0cm (+ 15,00 EUR)

Price:from 135,50 EUR
Unit price 1.190,00 EUR

incl. 19 % Tax excl. Shipping costs excl. Design costs