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A warming, comfortable knicker that's perfect for cooler days.

For our youngsters, we offer the same function and comfort as for the pros. Modern cut combined with high-tech design make this Thermal Bib Knicker the ultimate companion on cooler days. The fleece material used, which extends from the kidneys down to the first third of the calf, not only keeps your muscles warm but also impresses with its elasticity and excellent moisture management. A silicone strip on the leg end ensures that the knicker stays in place all the time and doesn't slip uncomfortably into the hollow of the knee. The breathable mesh bib improves the elastic and moisture wicking properties of the bib shorts and keeps you from ""overheating"". Our MB2 chamois has an anatomical fit to guarantee maximum comfort in the most important areas. The tailor-made chamois, constructed with multiple foam densities, also has breathable, moisture-absorbing and antistatic properties. Live your passion with precision even on cooler days.

  • • Lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric for an optimal compression fit
  • • Fleece Fabric to kees your muscles and kidneys warm
  • • Mesh straps for optimal moisture management
  • • Custom tailored chamois with breathable and moisture-absorbing features
  • • Leg opening with silicone print for a non-slip fit

100% Polyester

articolo n.: : ITEM_291
Tempo spedizione: : ca. 40 giorni previa approvazione del design
Gambe fine:
AS Elastico siliconato fondo gamba AS Elastico siliconato fondo gamba

Embody KJ1 - Bambino Embody KJ1 - Bambino
Most all around chamois provides general comfort and skin protection sized to kids needs. Kid's specific anatomic shape.

Pacchetto reflettente :
Senza Senza
Con Con
Keep safe on the road with our Reflective Package option.

Cuciture :
Potenza cucitura Potenza cucitura
This is our standard PowerSeam stitch which is very strong and tested at the highest levels of professional cycling.
Potenza cucitura piatta Potenza cucitura piatta
This is our upgraded PowerSeam Flat stitch which is extremely strong and is used at the highest levels of professional cycling.
Potenza cucitura con tubazioni Potenza cucitura con tubazioni

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No No
Si - Variante 1 Si - Variante 1
Si - Variante 2 Si - Variante 2
Si - Variante 3 Si - Variante 3
Si - Variante 4 Si - Variante 4

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116 128 140 152 164
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