Find here the answers of the frequently asked questions.


  1. You don't remember your passowrd?

    If you have forgotten your password, you can click on "Have you forgotten your password?" and you will automatically receive an e-mail message with your new password.

  2. Why do I have to provide my email address, my phone number and my birthdate when registering?

    So that we may contact you immediately in case we have any questions to your query and know if we can do business with you.

  3. What happens to my data?

    Your data are required for the inquiry and order processing and delivery and will be transmitted to the collaborating companies (i.e. freight forwarders/service provider). We do not sell, rent, market or share your private information with any third party!

Delivery times

  1. What are the production times?

    After the design is released we need 25 working days for completion. Please ask us directly if you want to have more info.

  2. What are the delivery dates?

    After completion we need approx. 3-4 days for delivery.

  3. Delivery will be made to the delivery address stated by you.

  4. What happened when I am not at home at delivery?

    Upon dispatch you will receive a notification by e-mail with the correspondiny parcel-No. by the transport company commissioned by us which you may contact in order to amend the delivery address.

  5. What does "requested delivery date" mean?

    Here you may inform us up until when you need to have the chosen products. This, however, is not a confirmation on our part to deliver on this actual date. Various factors as e.g. the transmission date of the sizes or the approval for printing and the advance payment has been received will influence the delivery date.

Inquiry and order

  1. Is there a minimum order quantity?

    No - you may order starting from one piece onwards for almost all items.

  2. Are products being consolidated?

    No - each product stands for itself. This means men's jerseys are not counted with women's jerseys in total.

  3. Can I make a request even though I presently do not know the exact quantities per size?

    Yes - you enter the total quantity in one size, e.g. in size M.

  4. Until when do I have to inform you about the exact quantities per size?

    After declaring your "good for print" at the latest, we need to know the exact quantites per size to start with the production.

  5. Why do I have to make a request at first and cannot place my order directly?

    With your request you inform us about your wishes. It may be that due to the required design amendments need to be made on the product and the options chosen by you may to fit to the design. For instance, you wish a leg opening with a double band but this does not fit to the overall pricture of the short so another solution for the leg opening needs to be chosen.

  6. How do I know that my request has been sent?

    You receive a confirmation e-mail from us informing you about the receipt of your inquiry.

  7. Can I subsequently amend the quantities in my request?

    After you have mailed us your inquiry you cannot amend the quantities. However, you may send a new inquiry with the amended quantities - or you inform us about your requests for changes by phone.

  8. Can I amend my order after approving the design?

    No amendments can be made after approval of design and confirmation of quantities and sizes since immediately we start with production immediately after design release.

Cost and payment terms

  1. What are the terms of payment?

    Once the order has been approved an advance payment of 50% of the order value shall be due for payment.

  2. How do I have to pay?

    Payment is made by remittance. 50% of the order value immediately after order release and 50% payable on delivery by remittance.

  3. How do I know the actual costs of my required products?

    As soon as you have entered your quantities and your required options, e.g. full zipper, the price per unit is shown and the total amount for the product. The design lump sum and the delivery costs are to be added. You will see the total amount after completion of your query.

  4. How much are the shipping costs?

    Delivery costs are subject to the place of delivery. Upon logging in and entering the delivery address, the delivery costs will be calculated.

  5. What additional costs will arise?

    A design lump sum will be charged even if the design has been delivered entirely by you since the design has to be transferred on the cut templates and be adjusted sizewise.

  6. How much is the design charge?

    The design lump sum is $180 for tops, $60 for shorts/pants, and $30 for accessories.


  1. Who creates the design?

    You can create you own design from your own designer or design office. But you may also have your design created by our designers. This does not influence the design lump sum.

  2. How is the design made?

    Our designers create design proposals in accordance to your ideas and suggestions.

  3. What nature must be the design template?

    Further information can be found under our graphic guidelines.

  4. Where can I find product templates?

    You will find under each product corresponding templates you can use for your drawings.

  5. How do I know whether my logogs / my design is appropriate to the print requirement?

    Send us our logos/design proposals. Our designers will contact you to discuss the respective requirements.

  6. Are there any constraints regarding the desing?

    Please see our graphic guidelines.

  7. How do I know whether the chosen colors corresponds to my ideas and wishes?

    We may provide you with a color fan on which you find all available colors with the corresponding numbers.


  1. How do I find the correct sizes?

    We suggest ordering our sample-set in order to have a close look at the sizes, fabrics and cuts.

  2. Can I obtain samples?

    Samples can be ordered, please contact us.

  3. How much are the costs for the samples?

    We provide you with our samples free of charge. After a try-in you can apply for a return form and return the sample to us free of charge. Any missing or dirty samples will be charged to your account.

  4. How long am I allowed to keep the samples?

    You have a 14-day period for try-in with your team.

  5. Can I test the samples?

    No. Please use the samples just for comparison of sizes and fabrics but not for exercising. Other teams will try these samples, too.

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