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1) Legs End
2) Chamois
3) Reflective Package
4) Stitching
5) Different designs
6) Individual tailor options
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A short that is made for wherever and whenever, combining quality and fit.

For our youngsters, we offer the same function and comfort as for the pros. If quality and style are your top priorities, then this short is yours. Lightweight, compressible fabric gives you an optimal fit, moisture transfer and breathability, combining comfort with performance. Our MB2 Chamois has an anatomical fit to ensure maximum comfort in the key areas. The custom tailored pattern, constructed with multiple foam densities, also has breathable, moisture-absorbing and antistatic properties. The double-layer leg end with silicone print secures the position of the shorts and nestles like a second skin. A barely noticeable elastic band in the lower back secures the position of the shorts without exerting too much pressure. The innovative cut in the belly area guarantees outstanding freedom of movement and wearing comfort. This short combines wearing comfort with high quality and is made for you.

  • • Lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric for an optimal compression fit
  • • Custom tailored chamois with breathable and moisture-absorbing features
  • • Double-layer leg opening with silicone print for a non-slip fit
  • • Elastic band in the lower back area for perfect hold and ""no pressure"" feeling

100% Polyester

Product No.: : ITEM_025
Shipping time: : 6 weeks after design confirmation and first payment
Legs End:
AS Elastic Silicon Stripe AS Elastic Silicon Stripe
AS Double Layer Silicon Dots AS Double Layer Silicon Dots

Embody KJ1 - Kids Embody KJ1 - Kids
Most all around chamois provides general comfort and skin protection sized to kids needs. Kid's specific anatomic shape.

Reflective Package:
Without Without
With With
Keep safe on the road with our Reflective Package option.

Power Seam Power Seam
This is our standard PowerSeam stitch which is very strong and tested at the highest levels of professional cycling.
Power Seam Flat Power Seam Flat
This is our upgraded PowerSeam Flat stitch which is extremely strong and is used at the highest levels of professional cycling.
Power Seam Piping Power Seam Piping

Different designs:
No No
Yes - Variant 1 Yes - Variant 1
Yes - Variant 2 Yes - Variant 2
Yes - Variant 3 Yes - Variant 3
Yes - Variant 4 Yes - Variant 4

Individual tailor options:
Individual tailor options


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